I try to split my personal, Tor, BornHack, and Irssi related activities into four different email addresses. Please try to use the right one as described here:

  • For personal correspondence, please use the email address
  • For Tor related correspondence, please use the email address
  • For BornHack related correspondence, please use the email address
  • For Irssi related correspondence that most project staff should be able to answer, please use the email address Otherwise, use the email address to reach me directly.

If you think I have missed a message, please go ahead and email me again. I occasionally miss an email, and I do not mind a reminder.

Social Media

I am available on the following social media sites:


My Matrix handle is


My Signal number is available upon request. Just drop me an email if you think you should have it.

Secure Email using OpenPGP

My currently active OpenPGP key is 0xBEA7B180B1491921. The public key should be available on most of the rotating key servers.

pub   ed25519/0xBEA7B180B1491921 2019-12-04 [SC] [expires: 2024-12-02]
      Key fingerprint = 1C1B C007 A9F6 07AA 8152  C040 BEA7 B180 B149 1921
uid                   [ultimate] Alexander Færøy <>
uid                   [ultimate] Alexander Færøy <>
uid                   [ultimate] Alexander Færøy <>
uid                   [ultimate] Alexander Færøy <>
uid                   [ultimate] Alexander Færøy <>
uid                   [ultimate] Alexander Færøy <>
sub   ed25519/0xBE6A0531C18A9179 2019-12-04 [S]
      Key fingerprint = 5141 0245 4D0A 87DB 0767  A1EB BE6A 0531 C18A 9179
sub   cv25519/0xDE333A13667681D0 2019-12-04 [E]
      Key fingerprint = CA88 3563 156C 8447 6ADB  F88A DE33 3A13 6676 81D0
sub   ed25519/0x135CF5D5269F803B 2019-12-04 [A]
      Key fingerprint = 302A 9D05 20D6 F9B2 484A  BAFE 135C F5D5 269F 803B

Internet Relay Chat

I am ahf on the following IRC networks: Baconsvin, EFnet, GIMPNet, Hackint, IRCnet, IRCsource, Labitat, Libera, OFTC, and Quakenet.

My IRC client of choice is always connected to IRC, but I sometimes miss a message or two. Feel free to remind me if I have not gotten back to you in time.

I use Off the Record together with my IRC client. The fingerprints of my OTR keys can be found here:

Baconsvin5BB04E6F 2C99F0F7 9832A29B 39D7330F FF77D3C7
EFnet78CACE24 8C972B2C B08B0692 4FD1838E BBD52EAC
GIMPNet39D3AD35 A87437F2 CDF5BA5E E4B4A7B0 87FD2A45
HackintC3DC5FA7 1B2B6981 DD742657 0BA0ABD4 E3F24F1D
IRCnetBDBFA574 EBD45BB0 A487E7C5 EBE1FB13 7D628772
IRCsource2500DFAF F0F26318 EF509254 4032DDAC 6AA7753B
Labitat43CCE8AA 5349292C 07D0A570 2EB013C5 5086B8D9
Libera496B1D6F 1419C61D 2D105595 DF517269 5FC1418A
OFTC45626E5D CFC449C4 B30AD337 328E6117 C0EE04B6
Quakenet592EBB67 3B9D91C6 4A22116E 83DDA462 BC68F34E