Open Source Days 2009: Slides

A few weeks ago, I did two presentations at a Danish conference named Open Source Community Day, which, as the name suggests, is about open source communities and people involved with open source software.

I did a lightning talk about C++0x, where I showed how a standard C++03 application turns out in C++0x. The slides are available in PDF-format here.

Thanks to Ciaran McCreesh for giving some hints about the slides.

Jesper Louis Andersen and I did a 45 minutes talk about the source code management system known as Git. Instead of just giving the usual Git tutorial, we tried to talk about some of the concepts that Git makes use of which most people are not familiar with. These slides are also available in PDF-format here.

The conference itself was a pleasant experience and it was very nice to talk to friends from all over the country. The Exherbo and Irssi booth was crowded with people most of the time, so Bryan Østergaard and I didn’t even have to look after the booth as much as we had feared.

I’m looking forward to the Open Source Days conference in 2010. The next conference that I’ll be attending is FOSDEM at the beginning of February 2010. I’m already looking forward to seeing the other Exherbo and Irssi guys there.

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