Status Update

I haven’t had much time lately to update my fancy blog, mainly because I have recently started working as an embedded software developer for a small company located in Hellerup. My job involves doing kernel development and other fancy stuff in the annoying programming language that is C. But I also get to play around with Lua and C++.

This post is mainly going to be a short summary of random stuff that has happened lately and especially about the upcoming Open Source Community Day conference, where I expect all of the Danish guys who are involved with FOSS to be present. Especially remember to pop by the Exherbo / Irssi booth and say hello; we won’t bite.

Firstly, all of my suggestions for talks have been accepted. Julia Lawall from DIKU is going to do a talk about bug hunting with Coccinelle. Bryan is going to do a talk about open source project management the right way (and I know it’s the right way having worked with Bryan on a couple of projects). And finally Jesper and I are going to do a talk about Git, the SCM-system that you are supposed to love and if you don’t, show up at our talk. I was also asked to do a lighting talk about the upcoming C++ standard (known as C++0x), which I accepted so it’s already going to be a much more stressful conference than the previous one was for me. But I’m still looking forward to seeing friends from near and far and discussing open source with them.

Secondly, I’m considering writing a couple of posts about C++0x in the near future since I clearly won’t be able to mention all of the interesting new features in a 15 minutes talk. My talk is mainly going to focus on the C++0x features that have already been implemented in GCC.

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