Open Source Days 2009: Talk Suggestions

Peter Toft has made an announcement on his weblog about Open Source Days 2009. Open Source Days is the largest Danish open source conference that targets both developers and end-users. This year the conference will take place the 24’th of October. It is only going to be a “small” community conference and then there will be a larger conference in the beginning of 2010. I am already very excited about this conference and I am looking forward to meet a lot of Danish open source people.

Peter Toft also suggested that people should let the coordination team know which talks they would like to hear about. Here are my suggestions:

  • Julia Lawall from DIKU about Coccinelle. Julia did perhaps the most interesting talk at Open Source Days 2008 about her research on semantic patches and how they are used. I would like to hear what has happened since then, especially regarding the focus on bug hunting using Coccinelle.

  • Bryan Østergaard about open source project management. Bryan is the leader of the Exherbo project and used to work on Gentoo before finally starting his own project. Bryan has written an interesting blogpost about how to manage an open source project the right way and getting more contributors and more useful contributions. It would be interesting to hear more about this as a talk at the conference.

  • Jesper Louis Andersen and I are working on a Git tutorial spread out over three workshops and we are planning to present them during the winter at SSLUG’s location in Frederiksberg. We could do a one hour talk at Open Source Days, and I am sure a lot of people would find it interesting to hear.

  • A lightning talk about communities on IRC. This is not super important, but if someone found it interesting I would be more than willing to do it.

Looking forward to see you at the conference. Remember to follow the Zebrapig!

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