New Blog Engine, take N + 1

I have, once again, decided to switch blog engine, and this time I changed from the horrible Ikiwiki to the (so far) very nice Jekyll and my blog is now located on Github instead of in my developer space on one of the Exherbo servers.

One of the important requirements for the blog engine is that I should be able to create, edit and remove posts via my favourite editor (Vim) and my favourite SCM (Git), and Jekyll is doing a very good job at this so far.

It was fairly trivial to setup and I was being lazy and decided to just use the style sheets from my personal website, so the only things left to do was to create a couple of templates and wait a couple of hours for Github to do the initial page generation.

Another very nice feature of Jekyll is that it supports code highlighting via the Python library named Pygments. I tried to get Ikiwiki to do something similar, but after messing around for 30 minutes I decided that it was a waste of time and gave up.

Jekyll should also be able convert inline LaTeX commands into graphics in your posts, but I have no idea if this feature is enabled on Github or not.

Thanks to Ali for the hint about Jekyll. Hopefully, I wont dislike this as much as I disliked Ikiwiki.

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