New Irssi Feature: Selective Logging

So apparently someone has been crazy enough to grant me commit access to the Irssi project’s subversion repositories, so I better start doing something useful with these new super-powers.

A thing that many users has been looking for is the ability to select various targets (either channels or nicknames) that shouldn’t be logged via Irssi’s autolog feature. This used to be impossible, but as of revision 5006 it’s possible to use the autolog_ignore_targets-setting.

Example usage

If you want to disable logging for all #irssi channels on every network to which you are connected to:

/set autolog_ignore_targets #irssi

If you want to disable logging for only the #irssi channel on EFNet:

/set autolog_ignore_targets EFNet/#irssi

Of course you can add multiple targets:

/set autolog_ignore_targets EFNet/#irssi Freenode/#exherbo ahf

Article published on February 12, 2009. Tagged in Free Software, and Irssi. If you would like to contact me with comments about this article, please write me an email.