Alexander Færøy

Welcome to the personal website of Alexander Færøy. I am a hacker based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

My interests include the development of free & open source software, computer security, hardening of software, firmware & hardware, cryptography, privacy enhancing technologies, network protocols, distributed systems, software architecture, and programming languages. I particularly enjoy building highly distributed systems using functional programming languages, and low-level systems programming.

I am currently working as a Core Developer at The Tor Project. My team is responsible for the development of the “core” Tor application, and ensuring that the Tor network itself remains in a healthy state. If you want to support The Tor Project, you can donate to the project here. We can optionally send you stickers, a t-shirt, or a hoodie if your donation is large enough.

For fun, I occasionally write various free software projects. Most of my projects are available on my Github profile.

I am not particularly good at keeping this website up-to-date, but you should be able to find information on how to contact me, read the articles I have written, and have a look at the public talks I have given.

This website is also accessible as a Tor Onion Service or via The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) if your browser supports either of these protocols.

Visited Countries

I enjoy traveling, but unfortunately, I have only managed to visit countries on the European and North American continents. Here is a world map of the countries I have visited so far:

Visited countries on a map